A newborn "octogoat" with eight legs that was born on a Croatian farm has gone viral online.

A farm in northeast Croatia has given birth to a goat with eight legs.

At his farm in Ktjevo, Zora Paparic's goat Sarka gave birth to a child that likewise possesses both male and female reproductive organs.

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Local veterinarians have informed Mr. Paparic that the young goat's additional legs are a result of a "derdeveloped twi siblig."

When Mr. Paparic learned that Sarka had given birth to the malformed child in addition to two healthy baby goats, he said he initially thought he was seeing double.

I touched his legs and thought I saw something. After that, I contacted my neighbour to confirm that I wasn't insane.

Referring to the yet-to-be-named "octogoat" as a "wonder of time" If the child survives, Mr. Paparic claims he would like to retain him.

Double bind: Mr. Paparic refers to the young goat that was born alive as a "wonder of nature," yet he claims that veterinarians do not think it will survive.

Dear World: According to the farmer, the young goat likewise possesses both male and female reproductive organs.

Miracle: The baby goat's additional legs are the result of a deficient twitch, according to veterinarians. Mr. Paparic told Serbia that if the goat survives its first week, it may live for two to three years.

He is attempting to stand on his own, but he is weak.

Zora Paparic said he hopes the child survives so he may keep his brand-new exotic pet.


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