New species of sunbirds have arrived from Indonesia's Wakatobi Islands.

 New sunbird species have been discovered, with a range that extends from central Indonesia's tropical Wakatobi Islands to Australia and Africa.

Additionally, they discovered data that might be used to distinguish between the two more common species of olive-backed and black sunbirds, Cinnyris jugularis and Leptocoma aspasia.

According to the researchers, the Wakatobi Islands should be protected as a habitat for rare birds because so much about it is yet unknown to science.

The small archipelago is also a component of the Wallacea area, which many scientists regard as "a living laboratory" for the study of evolution due to the recent discovery of endemic species.

In the tropical Wakatobi Islands in central Indonesia, a team of researchers has discovered many new species of sunbirds, which have a range that extends from Australia in the east to Africa in the west.

Researchers from Ireland and Indonesia wrote a study on Oct. 25 describing the morphological and genetic differences between the Wakatobi sunbird (Cinnyris infrenatus) and other known populations. Additionally, they discovered data that might separate the more common species of olive-backed and black sunbirds (C. jugularis and Leptocoma aspasia).

Fionn Marcaigh, a PhD candidate in Trinity College Dublin's School of Natural Sciences and the study's principal author, said in a statement: "It's astounding that there are still species waiting to be identified in this region, which has been crucial to evolutionary biology since the time of Wallace." The Wallace's Line, a hypothetical boundary between deep and shallow waters that results in distinct distinctions in the species found on either side, is one of naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace's most important evolutionary discoveries from the 1800s.

I'm ecstatic that we've contributed to the list of species known from this amazing region of the planet since it fulfils a wish I had when I first became interested.


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